Academic Strength

Academic Strength

At Genius School, we build the curriculum around the child rather than the other way around. We realize that each child is unique and has a different learning style. Through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, we aim to tap the learning style of each child that goes beyond logical & linguistic skills & use it to provide an optimum learning environment.

We aim to help our young students develop their skills. The curriculum is comprehensive, practical and emphasizes the importance of experimenting and experiencing during the formative years.

In the ensuing years of Primary School (Grades 1 to 5), Genius School stresses on ‘whole-child’ development. The curriculum moulds itself accordingly at this juncture to focus on social development, technical skills and knowledge that children need to interact efficiently in a complex and changing world.

As the child enters the teens (Grades 6 to 10), the pace of academics is gradually accelerated. The student’s intellectual, aesthetic, physical, and cultural growth are strengthened and extended to a foundation course designed to suit students from the Indian as well as an International background. Academic challenges become the focus as the students start preparing for their future careers.

Throughout these crucial formative years, our consistent endeavor is to prepare students for the real world in small doses. Hence, a host of projects and field trips further augment classroom instructions, where great emphasis is laid on the development of positive attitudes and healthy habits. Students are encouraged to question, hypothesize, analyze and be creative.


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